Yes, the eggs are a true benefit to having your own chooks! The only problem I have is that I get about 6 dozen per week. We just can't eat that many eggs!

I have found a good way to turn them into beer, however. At $3/dozen sold to the neighbors, I just about cover my weekend drinking costs!

We also live in an area with deer tick (Lyme disease). They have cut down substantially on the tick population, but my older daughter has contracted it twice now over the past couple of years! I'm thinking about adding some Guinea Hens, but I've heard they are terrible to have around. Any experience?

And speaking of petting zoo, my kids talked me into buying a couple of goats last year. I always told them "If we can't eat it, I don't want it!". Well, they won and we now have two Nigerian Dwarfs as pets. An unforeseen benefit is that I can tie them up and they take care of most of my bushwhacking duties!

Then my younger daughter won a pig at the fair in September. "Patches" is fattening up nicely and should be in the freezer come February! He does some nice roto-tiller work if anyone wants to rent him out before he meets his maker!