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    Default wood burning stove

    Just recently purchased a second home. It contains a small wood burning stove. A few fire bricks are cracked but in place. The door/window seal appears to be in poor shape. The stove was made in 1997. It was made by Century Heating in Canada. Don't know how much use the stove had previously and if the stove pipe was ever cleaned.

    Wondering what is the service life of this type of stove and should I try to repair it or purchase a new stove.

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    Default Re: wood burning stove

    You should be able to get replacement gasket from a woodstove store. It's a rope made of spun ceramic. As for the firebrick, if they are mortared in place, they'll need to be repaired or replaced. If they're just set in place, I wouldn't worry too much about the cracks; they're no different than the joints between the bricks. As for mortar, it's a special fire-clay mortar; you don't want to use regular mortar.

    Check with your local environmental or air quality agency. In some areas, they have incentive programs where they will subsidize the replacement of a woodstove with a cleaner burning model.

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