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    Default Replace or Repair front door?!?

    We've just purchased a 1912 brick home. It's been a low rent tri-plex for 30+ years. The front door is there, but the glass has been replaced (barely) w/ broken plexiglass & it doesn't shut!
    I would like to keep something similar, 8ft tall door, wide sidelights & a transom. Our door guy is telling us he can't find anything in our budget & is suggesting we go w/ a french style door instead & replace the whole thing. I want what we have, only I want it to work!
    Any advice?
    We do not have the the budget for a $5000 door

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    Default Re: Replace or Repair front door?!?

    You really didn't say what the problem with the door was...

    If the only problem is that it doesn't shut, then any carpenter should have the knowledge to rehang it and get it to work... sounds maybe like new hinges might be all it needs and the glass situation is easy to repair... sometimes in older doors you run into glass with a beveled edge, but even this shouldn't be an issue as most glass shops have the ability to grin/polish edges.

    A lot of times with older doors the wood is solid, but the joints have begun to loosen and separate... again, this really is no problem to repair, a water resistant wood glue and some timber framing screws driven on the edge through the joints and you're back in business.
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