Okay, so here's the deal. The main heating system for every time the temperature is moved higher or lower it makes this weird gushing noise accompanied by what sounds like someone hitting the inside of the pipes with a hammer or something. Then there are times after this occurs a pipe or two will vibrate or shake from the impact. The noise nearly gets me a bloody heart attack every time I am in range of it. The heating system is in the basement and it's not heard very clearly from upstairs but i can still hear it from my room on the third floor. sometimes i wake to hear the noise. so irritating.

Now .. I'm only an eighteen year old living with my parents and brother but how can I convince them we need to get a professional involved to figure out how to lessen the noise? Like it only seems like me and my dad really care whether or not the heating system makes banging noises. i heard that banging noises may indicate malfunction or something inside the heating system needs to be changed?? I know for the fact the pipes have been making hammering noises for years now but I haven't said anything about my discomfort until last year to my father. He said he'd get someone to look into it but he never did. I just spoke to him about how blatantly loud the noise was when he turned it on for the first time after the weather got very cold today. It hammered for at least three times at a minute apart each and then it did it again and again at 8 minutes apart. i thought it was going to keep going on for the whole hour but after the last two it stopped and all i hear now are small little whoosh sounds. I don't really know what it is but i can see the reflection of fire on the tile floor from under the boiler when it does this.