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    Post Old house, new dishwasher, low counter height

    I want to install a dishwasher in our 65-year-old house. But the kitchen counter clearance height is only 32.5 inches. Most new dishwashers require at least 33.5 inches clearance. Removing the adjustable legs only reduces the height by about 3/8-inch, not enough.

    The width and depth under the counter are not a problem. I will have to cut out some of the existing cabinet to make room for the dishwasher.

    Is there a manufacturer that can provide a slightly shorter-than-standard diswasher? I don't want to install new cabinets or buy a portable dishwasher.



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    Default Re: Old house, new dishwasher, low counter height

    Sounds to me like the cabinets were put in before the flooring went down or there was a new floor put on top of an old floor therefore raising the height of the floor and making the opening to short. It may be possible to remove the flooring where the dishwasher is going to go and get the dishwasher in there. You may need to temporarily remove the counter-top to get the dishwasher in. Just keep in mind that if you have to do maintenance on the dishwasher it is likely you would have to remove the counter to get it out again. I'm not sure if anyone makes shorter dishwashers but you could try an appliance store not just your regular big box store. Hope this helps you out.

    P.S. Just did a search. Didn't find shorter dishwashers but some recommended dish drawers in place of a standard dishwasher. Might work in your situation.


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    Default Re: Old house, new dishwasher, low counter height

    A couple of options circa 2010 are A Frigidiare model that's 32.5"
    and a 32.25" height Faygor model at
    There's a Dacor that's not well-reviewed

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