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    we bought a house with a "finished" basement, after about a year we have had 3 main problems 1.the chimney leaked which led to the opening of a wall which revealed a rather larges crack in the foundation and a 12 X 36 piece of plywood screwed to the wall!? (why would anyone do this?) 2. this summer we used the a/c which ended up leaking because a drain pipe off the blower unit was removed so a bathroom could be added the water ruined the carpet and some drywall!? (we had to call a plumber to replace to line they removed) 3.finally now we have mice!! I believe they originated from the basement cause when we had the wall open thats when he noticed them. How can I find where they are getting in our house without dismanteling my entire basement? I have 99 glue traps in every other corner of the house and have caught ZERO mice, yet in the traps there were signs they were there, I want to dismantel the bathroom due to the crappy work I've found so far, I'm sure there were some corners cut somewhere else. I really need the big how-to-guns on this one.
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