Hello all,
I'm new to the forum and have a question about downrating a boiler.
Currenty, I have an old (1940's?) American Standard boiler for the gravity hot water system. A couple of contractors have suggested energy efficient new boilers in the $7k-$8k range. One heating contractor suggested downrating the 300btu boiler to 100k-150k by reducing the size of the burner openings,installing sensor to monitor outdoor temp. and adding something to the water to make it more efficient (slippery?).
Is this a sensible alternative to spending $8k. I believe I can downrate the boiler myself with the help of a local supply house. I would skip the other ideas for the moment. The house has been insulated recently so the 300,000 btu rating is wasteful according to the heating spe******ts. My heating bills seem to confirm this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.