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    Default creaky electric baseboard heater

    I have electric heat in my second floor bedrooms. Each bedroom has it's own heater and thermostat. They are all quiet except for the master bedroom. It creaks whenever it heats or cools. Simple you say. That's what I said 15 years ago when it started. I just replaced the heater with a new one. After a couple of weeks, it started again! I had someone adjust the screws holding the heater to the wall. No difference. I pressed on different parts of the heater, it made short term improvements but would creak again. I replaced the heater again, and the thermostat too. Quieter for a couple of weeks again, then it was back. Last winter, it creaked quietly. This season, I am being awakened by the noise. I can't go through another New England winter without a good night's sleep.

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    Default Re: creaky electric baseboard heater

    Sounds like you have stuff rubbing together as the heater expands and contracts. It could be metal against metal, metal against wood, etc. You would have to try to isolate the different surfaces perhaps with rubber washers or the like. Just be sure that the rubber won't get to hot in the heater. Hope this helps you out.


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    Default Re: creaky electric baseboard heater

    Is the heater mounted to the wall using a fluted head type screw?
    If so I would recommend that they are removed and that the holes are drilled out to a larger size. Then use a flat head type screw and flat washer with just a dab of silicon caulk between the flat washer and the heater. Then run the screws in just tight enough to hold the heater to the wall.

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