Recently my mother moved into a somewhat small (under 1000 square feet) condo/apartment that was built in the late 70's (1979 I think,) and she's left it up to me to try to do any remodeling or decorating that I may see fit. The apartment is on the second floor and has very ugly popcorn ceilings. I'm considering having the popcorn removed which could only improve the look of the place. I'm aware that the popcorn might contain asbestos, which is why I'll have a certified professional do the work. I thought did occur to me however: would it be cheaper to just have the whole ceiling removed and replaced and perhaps even raised a foot or two (it's your standard 8 feet now) rather than having the popcorn scrapped off. It seems to me that it would create a smaller mess because large sheets of the stuff would be getting removed versus each individual bit of popcorn. What do you think?