I recently moved into a 3 bedroom house (of approximate 1500 square feet). When the installers came to install my new washer/dryer, they told me that there was no vent to the outside for the dryer. The house is approximately 50 years old and apparently they have NEVER had a vent for a dryer installed. It apparently was just vented to the crawl space.

The house is build on a perimeter foundation and a crawl space. When I went into the crawl space to check on the conditions there, I found that almost the entire ground surface is covered with about 1/2 to 3/4 inches of lint.

I have purchased all the materials necessary to install a vent and it should be a pretty straightforward job to do this. However, I am concerned about the fire hazard associated with all the lint. How much of a hazard am I faced with? How should I perform a clean up to remove all the lint material that has built up over the years? Is it even safe to work under the house while the lint is still there and airborne?

I have no experience with this kind of issue and some advice would be very much appreciated.