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    Default Zoysia - is it as "good" as advertised?

    Have a couple of sections of yard that will not grow grass - have tried everything. Recently saw an ad for Zoysia grass - claim this stuff will grow where other grasses won't. Also claims it chokes out weeds and doesn't need to be watered or mowed as much as "regular" grass. Wondering if worth trying or a waste of time and money. Sounds to good to be true, but .......

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    Default Re: Zoysia - is it as "good" as advertised?

    It turns brown in the winter, for one thing. And it doesn't remain only where planted, it will try to spread and take over.
    If the issue is shade, try a ground cover instead, like ajuga or pachysandra.
    If the problem is dryness, amend the soil or add better topsoil with more humus.
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