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    Default broken rain barrel spigots - how to replace

    Last spring purchased two 55 gal rain barrels through a town's Earth Day program (barrels came from reputable VT firm). Used them all season w/o problems. End of fall, one of the brass spigots broke off while turning water on (pieces "cracked" in two along threads). Stored both barrels in shed over the winter, and while removing them yesterday, noticed the other barrel's spigot had also broken off.

    What's the trick to replacing these spigots since the mouth of the
    barrels is narrow and the holes are at bottom of barrels. Too tall & narrow to reach down into. Also, is there a "better" replacement-spigot suggestion than using typical brass ones (which seems rather heavy for the barrel's wall). If I have to replace spigots every season is probably cheaper to by different rain barrels

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    Default Re: broken rain barrel spigots - how to replace

    Is the spigot threaded? I have a leak around my spigot and I am going to try to wrap the spigot thread with a substantial amount of Teflon tape and then caulk before re-threading into the barrel wall. We shall see...

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