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    Default Was the negative side ever switched?

    The topic should be-Was the neutral ever switched.
    I have a old house which was built in 1906 and then renovated about 1930 or so. The house originally had knob and tube wiring which was all replaced. The area I am working on has a very old type of shielded cable(BX like cable) from the 30's or so.
    There is a wall sconce that I have removed and I would like to disable the hot wire to the sconce so I can plaster over the hole. When I opened up some light fixtures and swtiches to locate the source of the hot wire, I discovered that for both ceiling lights in the room, the hot wire comes into the light socket and then the neutral goes to a wall switch and then back to the neutral in the ceiling box. I understand that the switch should always be on the hot side but I was wondering if the neutral was ever switched in very old work? Thanks for your help.
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