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    Default Smell in Basement Hits You In The Face!

    Just bought a 120 year old house. The basement is fairly clean and has a sealed concrete floor, stone walls sealed with some sort of mortar. The walls became very moist during a rain the first week I bought house, so I've been running a dehumdifier non-stop since then (two weeks now). The dehumdifier was filling the three gallon tank in 12 hours, so I replaced it with a house. The basement seems very dry now, but there is a smell that hits me like a brick wall whenever I walk downstairs (can't smell it upstairs). It has the typical old basement smell, but an additional urine-like odor as well.

    Does anyone know if it is possible that this smell could just be coming from the stone walls? If it were coming from the sewer floor drain, wouldn't it have more of a sewage smell, or is it possible that black water could produce a similar smell?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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    Default Re: Smell in Basement Hits You In The Face!

    First I would spray the basement with bleach water solution-but make sure you open the windows. We had a smell like that in our house, it was bat crap! We didn't know it until our basement flooded and we had to remove the drywall, and the ceiling which was also dry walled. When we took down the ceiling, in the sill plate or the top of the basement brick ledges there were piles and piles of bat guano. Now, we had cracks in between the foundation and the house where they come together so we sealed them with foam. Once we removed the bat guano, the smell disappeared. Are there any hidden areas of the basement you haven't checked?

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