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    Default Hot Water Has Green Tint

    Just bought my house (120 years old). It is supposed to have "newer" plumbing". It's been vacant since the rehab was completed in Novemeber of '07. It has awesome water pressure. Just ran the bath tub for the first time tonight while cleaning and noticed that after the tub was full, the water had a green tint and some fine granular-like sediment had come up too. I drained the tub and filled it with only cold water and it was very clear. I filled it again with only hot water and it still had a green tint, but not as bad this time.

    Does anyone know what this could be? The water heater was replaced in 2003, it's a GE, but it already has rust on the outside of the tank...


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    Default Re: Hot Water Has Green Tint

    It's likely that since you just moved in that no one has been using the hot water for a while. There is most likely sediment that has settled out of the water into the tank. You should try running it for a while to see if things clean themselves out. Not sure also if there could be stuff growing in there causing the green tint. If it is already rusted through you might want to consider replacing it. You may have hard water too if it is already rusted so you may want to consider having your water tested and if needed put in a water softener. Hope this helps you out.


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