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    Default Radiators Which Do Not Get Heat

    We have a old coal boiler which had been converted to oil and now natural gas which still works very well, except the last two years the radiator in the bath room has not gotten any heat and this winter the radiator in one bed room stopped getting heat . Both radiator have water in them as I drain the system every Spring and refill in late September early October. It is a gravity system. I have checked and the valves are open. What could be the problem as all the other radiators get hot when heat is on.

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    Default Re: Radiators Which Do Not Get Heat

    My guess is that you are causing the problem. By draining the system and refilling you are introducing water with suspended gasses that are forced out of the water during the heating process and air locking the radiators. Generally after you fill a hot water system the radiators need to be bled, at least in my experience, 3 or 4 times during the heating season to remove the gases.
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