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    I live in a townhouse and whenever my neighbors upstairs use their dryer, the hot exhaust blows into my dryer causing the inside to become wet with condensation. I usually take my dry clothes out immediately but if I ever leave a dry load in there when they dry their clothes, mine becomes damp and needs to be dried again. Is there anything I can install that acts as a one-way vent so my dryer's exhaust can escape but theirs can't come into my dryer? If something like this exists, do you know if it can be installed onto the vent that's behind my dryer rather than having to cut into the wall?

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    The first thing comes to mind ---- I would have to question if this setup is not a violation of the building / fire code. Typically attached residents like your townhouse require seperate exhaust ducting to prevent the spread of fire from one unit to another.

    A backdraft damper may help though this may cause issues when you both use your dryers at the same time. Since the neighbour's dryer back drafts toward your dryer , this will add restriction to the damper from opening fully reducing your dryer's performance ---- which is probably the case anyway even without the damper.
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    This is almost certainly a code violation.

    It is probably also a violation of the dryer manufacturer's instructions; compliance with such instructions is also a code requirement.

    Suggest you first talk to landlord about it, with the understanding that you will go to the building department and fire marshall if he does not remedy the problem in a reasonable time. The fire hazard from blocked dryer vents is a concern to fire departments and building departments.

    The remedy is to have independent vents for the dryers, and to have the vents installed according to the dryer manufactuers' instructions.

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