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    Default building a dividing wall

    Hello: I have built a 4 feet wall to divide the living and dining rooms. My floor is carpeted and I would like to know once I find the joist, how do I secure it to the floor on top of the carpet into the joists? Thanks to all.

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    Default Re: building a dividing wall

    With long screws............ Pre-drill

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    Default Re: building a dividing wall

    Why would you want to put the wall on top of the carpet? Is this wall going to be removed again at some point? Otherwise, I'd cut the carpet and put the wall directly on the floor. It'll be more solid and you'll be happier with it.

    If you really feel like you want to put it on the top of the carpet, try using 2x6s for the wall. It'll give you more on the floor to mount it with. You can put a screw close to the edge of the floor plate on both edges. It'll make things a bit more solid.....if you really don't want to cut the carpet.

    Good Luck.

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