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    I am looking for suggestions as to how I can best remedy a problem with rotting skirting boards on my deck. My deck is approx 15 yrs old and the framing and decking are constructed of pressure treated lumber. The outside frame is covered with red cedar skirting that is rotting away. The railing posts are also red cedar and several are begining to rot from the bottom and one from the top. The railing structure is sound except for the several posts.

    I had been lead to believe that red cedar was rot resistant, but that obviously isn't the case. I need to replace the rotting posts and skirting and I have considered using untreated pine boards for the skirting that I know I'll have to paint. The deck now is stained with matching skirting and rails. I wonder if there is another better way to repair the damage. For example, would it be in my interest to replace all of the railings with a synthetic product as opposed to replacing all of the wood. Is there a better option for the skirting than to replace the rotting red cedar with pine boards. The skirting boards range in size from 1x8, to 1x10 and 1x12.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Howdy average life for uncovered deck is about 15 years.

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