My husband and I have recently purchased our first home, an old farm house on a few acres in Oregon. Built in 1907, we were a little leery, however there have been many up grades to the home through the years (like in door plumbing). All the room have doors that close them off from on another and upstairs there are three main room and then several sub-rooms in each separated but doors. One of the rooms is so small that when you place a bed frame inside there is no room for anything else. I'd like to make it my yoga studio but would like to still have the ability to have a bed in case we have an over flow of guests this holiday.

We live in Oregon and found a great local Murphy bed company, Old Creek Wall Bed Factory. We would like to make a purchase but we are unsure if our studs/support structure for the home will support this type of weight.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I've listed the company link for Old Creek in case anyone is also thinking about a Murphy Bed, they have the most beautifully designed beds on the market. My husband and I have spent months researching!

Thanks for any advice!