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    Default Drips out of new threaded connection

    I had just installed a new branch of 1/2" galvanized threaded pipe to an outdoor garden hose faucet. All the threaded connections were wrapped w/ teflon tape and none of them leak except for the joint between a new 90-degree elbow and a new gate valve. The leak is very slow...about a drip a minute...and i've tried tighening the joint further, but it's still dripping at the same rate. is there any repairs that doesn't require me to undo all the connections and redo the one leaking joint?? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Drips out of new threaded connection

    Unless you are able to tighten it past the leak state you are now in I think you will be taking it apart. You may have got a poorly threaded fitting that will just not tighten enough. You will get that every so often with the cheaper fittings that are coming from our most favored trade nation.

    I prefer to use pipe dope rather than teflon tape, but I have not ever had to repair galvanized before. For my future reference...Is it a bad thing to use pipe dope with galvanized?

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    Try to find a product called "true blue" mostly sold at plumbing supply houses, it is a blue teflon paste that hardens like epoxy. I use teflon tape and true blue both on all my threaded pipe and have never had a leak, ever and it withstands heat when soldering.

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