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    Default Outside air Economizer

    I was wondering if there is any commercially available controls or kits to add an outside air economizer for residential furnaces??

    I'm a mechanical engineer and design commercial and industrial HVAC systems and we often design with outside air economizers on roof top units and other packaged systems, and especially here in Colorado economizers can have up to 30% energy savings, and I know that my AC often runs hard through the night when it has cooled off out side, but there is still a lot of residual heat in the house and adding an economizer would defiantly help keep the ac from working as hard in the evenings.

    I have tried looking for anything, but have not come up with anything. I have come up with a way to make one myself, but would have to be a little creative on the control side. Anyone seen anything like this for houses or residential applications??

    Thanks, David

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    Default Re: Outside air Economizer

    Being an engineer I'm sure that you could design something, it doesn't seem like it would be to difficult or you can follow the links for more info,

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