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    Cool separate outlet needed for fan & lights?

    I will be installing a fan in my kitchen off the same light switch as the lights. How will I be able to keep the fan turned on and yet the lights turned off if installed on the same switch? Thanks!

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    Default Re: separate outlet needed for fan & lights?

    You can't.

    You might be able to replace the switch with a double switch and use one side for the lights and the other for the fan. Depending on what wiring is in place and what new wring you are going to run.
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    Default Re: separate outlet needed for fan & lights?

    Howdy, now some ceiling fans come with remote control- only need wired off one light wall switch. The remote then turns the light and or fan off and on . There are after market remote switches- if your fan base has room to have it slid in from $20 to 150 depending on what bells and whistles you want. These are way cool.

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