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    Question Variable Speed Switch Wiring Question

    Hello, again!

    I am wiring a variable speed wall switch to an inline Fantech fan. The wiring diagram seems pretty straight forward, but I am having a brain blank and can't figure something out.

    I am supposed to wire the wall switch as follows from supply, White (N) to fan and Black (L) to switch, then black from switch to fan. I've attached a crude drawing from the installation instructions.

    OK, so here's my question: The switch has two red wires coming out of the back and one ground. Which red wire am I supposed to be hooking the black (L) from the supply to? Does it matter?

    I assume I wirenut the white from the supply to the white I'm dropping to the fan (in the switch box), connect the ground from the supply to the ground on the switch (in the switch box), then connect the second red on the switch to the black I drop to the fan.

    Ultimately what I end up with is white from supply to fan not running through switch, black from supply to switch to fan, and ground.

    Does this sound right?

    Thanks, Tim
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