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    Question Insulation between dropped plaster ceilings

    We have a 138 year old home with dropped plaster ceilings probably added in the 1950's. The ceilings are in excellent condition and have about 6" of blown-in cellulose between the joists. I want to add more but a roofer I know suggests to do so is worthless because there is no ventilation directly to the outside. The ceiling cavities are indirectly open to the unheated attic above, which is properly vented and are a cold space during the winter months.

    Is the roofer nuts? A similar area I insulated a few years ago appears to be doing just fine. There is no vapor barrier and installing one retroactively is out of the question. The cellulose seems to wick water vapor away adequately.

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    Default Re: Insulation between dropped plaster ceilings

    Is the roofer nuts?
    If that were the case then the insulation within walls shouldn't work according to the roofer.

    Insulation and ventilation have nothing to do with one another for each to function.

    As a matter of having open vents allowing cold air into the attic is a reason to increase the insulation.

    Hope this helps.
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