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    Default insulating 'dead air' space between brick and house

    We have a house that was built in 1911 and upon replacing the basement windows we discovered there is a 5" space between the house and the brick--'dead air space.' This space runs from the footer at ground level, all the way up to the attic. If we go into the attic (which is a walk-in), go over to the side of the house where the floorboards end and look down, we can see all the way to the basement.
    Can we insulate this space? If so, what would be better--foam or blown in? We could do blown in ourselves but I'm concerned that if there is any dampness in this space that it could cause a problem. Foam would have to be professionally installed so would be more $$. However, if the foam would be the 'correct' or 'better' choice I'd rather do that.
    The house is not insulated. So our more difficult option is to have foam or blown in insulation put in between the lathe & plaster and middle wall. Or- we could insulate both and be really toasty warm!

    We live on the south shore of Lake Erie--so it's cold and damp here!
    Any insight is appreciated.

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    Default Re: insulating 'dead air' space between brick and house

    you can contact a injection foam instaler in your area. the stud wall cavity and the air space can be filled with my product, with the higest r-value compared to any thing else for that application justin abertke@frontier.net
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