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    Default leaky front door

    I can't get my front door air tight. I have tried everything that the hardware stores have to offer. All kinds of weather seals. Right now I have a metal one with a rubber seal attached to it. You put it up with screws. You can adjust it by the screws. When I get the top sealed the bottom or middle leaks and visa versa. When I get everything sealed then I can't get my door shut. I am at my wit's end and winter is right around the corner. Any hints. I need help. Thank You

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    Default Re: leaky front door

    Are you attaching retrofit type weather stripping from the outside?
    Typically retrofit types of weather stripping are attached to the exterior portion of the door frame ( stops ). Basically the door is closed and you place the weather stripping so it's in contact with the door's surface ..... then fasten with screws.

    here's a link to a short video .... select door sets ...
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