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    Default Re: Crown Molding on Bull Nose corners

    Quote Originally Posted by jkirk View Post
    yah this site is terrible for spam, at least one particular poster isnt here anymore. she argue everything you post based on things she'd read off google

    keep posting and well try to get you into our elite group "intergalactilly stupid"

    on another note what ratio do you use for doing your custom boston headers in comparison to the casing. ive been doing alot of them with a mdf flatstock which then gets mouldings applied to it, do you use the ****en phi ratio
    Hi Kirk,

    A bunch of the Spam here is ******** stuff... strange for an Old House forum. Anywhoo...

    The size of the casing is typically nominal 1x4 legs and 1x6 head... though I like a full 4" leg and full 6" head. Keep in mind that the head is overlapped by a small crown so you only see 4-1/2 or 5" of the head casing. (see photo of new casing and the original in the background)

    The proportions are more based on typical sizes of the post and beam construction that the trim mimics. Trim details should make sense structurally even though they are ornamental. IMO this produces work that looks better, even if most viewers don't know why they like the look...

    Very wide openings look better with a hefty "beam" (head casing)... so maybe step up to a 1x8, etc.

    On the phi thing, the use of 4" and 6" actually comes close (****en ratio would be 4" and 6-3/8").

    All the best,

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