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    Default Butcher Block Countertop Joint

    I have butcher block counter tops in a small kitchenette, arranged in an "L" pattern. The 45 degree angle where the 2 counter tops meet has a very small (about 1/64") but consistent-width crack at the joint (I think everyone but Norm Abrams will have similar).

    Am I better off leaving it as is and have a tiny but visible crack, or should I try to fill the crack with similar color wood putty and sand smooth?

    Anyone have experience with this?

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    Default Re: Butcher Block Countertop Joint

    I would have to assume it needs to be filled with something. As when food collects in the joint it can cause a great health risk. But I do not have the expertise to recomend something that is safe for food. I am sure someone on here can help.

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    Default Re: Butcher Block Countertop Joint

    Typically that joint should have been glued ( providing the grain of both sides are running the same ) and fastened or clamped together from the underside with miter bolts.
    Perhaps these miter bolts may be tightened to draw to miter together tighter.

    Here's an example of what they might look like .....
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