I've read about short cycling and wonder if I have that problem. I have a 1/3rd HP pump in a 20" diameter well that's about 30" deep, maybe a bit deeper. I have a float switch which has a fairly long throw from off to on. When the pump turns on, it empties the pit in about 10 seconds. On the worst days it may actually turn on every 35 seconds (for 10 seconds per on time). On most days it runs less often, more than one minute between on times. Of course there are actually many days throughout the year when it doesn't run, but in wet seasons it does run most days. The good news is it keeps the basement dry even in the rainiest March on record here in Boston (15" rainfall or more this month).

So the question is, is the pump on time too short?

A wider diameter pit would increase the pump on time and off time. But it would be hard to make the pit larger (basement is finished). I guess the easy thing is to replace the pump more often since the frequent cycling might be wearing it out.