Good Grief. I am refinishing my hardwood floors. This is an older home that markets in the 65K-75K range. I have worked a great deal with furniture refinising so dod not go in totally blind. AFter all the appropriate sanding I stained the floor with MinWax "natural".. After 2 days if drying time I applied a light coat of water-based poly that stated usable for both water and oil based stains. I reapplied a second coat after about 8 hours of drying. Now, here is where I fell apart. The next day I applied a 3rd coat. Upon drying I now have several rough areas. I have attempted to lightly sand them down. Because the poly soaked so much into the wood some of the areas now look as though they haven't been stained. The bottom line: Is is possilbe to add a stain to the poly. I am not looking for museum work here; I simply need a reasonable job to sell the house and move near my elderly parents across the country. Any advice is badly needed.