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    Default wash tub removal

    What is the best way to remove or break up a concrete wash tub?

    We have an old house with a concrete wash tub that is in need of replacement, any ideas?

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    Default Re: wash tub removal

    I would make sure the water supply is valved off, cap the drain piping, then use the good ole sledge hammer to break it into manageable pieces.
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    Default Re: wash tub removal

    Disconnect the water supply and bend the hoses to point towards the floor. Remove the drain back to the fitting nearest the wall and lightly push a rag into it to keep debris from entering. Remove any fasteners anchoring it to the floor or wall. If the unit is too large or too heavy to be moved in one piece, then a few pops of a heavy hammer will break it into manageable pieces.

    If you go the hammer route, make sure you wear long sleeves, gloves, and wear eye protection. Broken shards of concrete are quite sharp and nasty.
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