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Thread: Sagging floors

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    Default Sagging floors

    Hi Everyone ,
    First time up and I've got a ton of projects, one at a time though!
    Ive got a 1900 2 story colonial that has some serious sagging floors that I want to re-support.
    The first floor is easily accessible from the cellar but I want to be sure to use the proper size support cross beam and adequate number of columns.
    My question is what formulation do I use to assure that I have the correct items?
    One floor on the second story also needs to be supported and is directly above an area of the first floor that will need bracing.
    Thanks, Dana

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    Default Re: Sagging floors

    Dana .... unfortunately there is no way anyone can say over the internet what is specifically required when it comes to structural support .... sight unseen.

    Besides .... that's best left to a professional like a structural or in cases civil engineer. Likely your local building inspections department would likely need an engineer specify what is required before a permit is issued.

    A recommendation is to contact an engineer to evaluate your situation and provide you with the solutions you require ..... the cost is not that outrageous.

    Good luck with your project.
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    Default Re: Sagging floors

    Thank you for the advice. Will set up an appointment for next week.

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