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    Question Home inspectors and what they look for?

    Just wondering what the difference is in home inspections. When building a new home the town inspector comes out to check the home at different stages of the building process. What does the town inspector look for and what does a contracted inspector look for when going over the home?

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    Default Re: Home inspectors and what they look for?

    Basically .....

    The municipal building inspector performs an on-site inspection to determine the materials and methods used meet the criteria of the building codes while permitted work is being done. This is a legal requirement.

    A private contracted home inspector evaluates the condition of a home.
    Ideally they should provide an evaluation as to the condition of things like roofs ,windows , foundations , electrical , heating and plumbing. They can also recognize if work done to a home was done according to building codes.
    Keep in mind this is their opinion and is usually only limited to things that they can see. ..... usually they can't open up walls to see framing , insulation or water problems.
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    Default Re: Home inspectors and what they look for?

    But a private home inspector sure can get you to open your wallet...

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