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    Smile Bungalow Porch Screens

    My 1940 bungalow had porch screens, which were removed before I moved in. I want to add the screens again. There is no evidence of any studs or anything at all which held the screens. So where do I start? This is a 1940 bungalow and I'd like to keep the old fashioned look of the screens, but still make them durable. This will be a DYI project. What kind of wood should I use? Screening? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Bungalow Porch Screens

    If you have no uprights in your porch, you'll need to install some to hang the screen. You just install some 2x4s with about 30-36" spacing along the wall. Just nail the posts in place and then buy screen in the width that works for your porch. Stretch it and staple it in place. Wherever it crosses over a 2x4, nail a piece of screen mold on the face of the stud to cover the screen.

    You can buy screen mold at Home Depot or other places. It's about a quarter inch thick and 3/4" wide with rounded corners. Paint it BEFORE you install it. You don't want to have to mess around with paint and your new screen on the first time around.

    Good Luck.

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