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    Default Pre-made vs Masonry Fireplaces

    Hello - I'm renovating an old townhouse and considering the cost of reconstructing an old masonry fireplace and chimney , or installing a pre-made metal and fire brick firebox (from a manufacturer like Lennox, for example). How safe and how durable are they really? I guess I just feel a little safer with the thought of a standard masonry fireplace and chimney, but if the metal pre-made units are safe and durable, why not use those? Thank you for any helpful info, knowledge, or personal experience.

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    Default Re: Pre-made vs Masonry Fireplaces

    The manufactured fp will likely be very satisfactory and save $.

    You probably don't intend to use this for your primary heat source, but even if you do, it would still last a long, long time.

    I see 30-yr-old ones regularly when people replace them with a gas-fired unit. There's nothing wrong with the wood-burner, it's just that they don't want to mess with wood, ashes, etc. anymore.

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