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    Question square corner fluth bolt on interior door

    I am replacing a set of double doors in my den and one of the doors has a flush bolt on the upper edge of the door to keep it stationary. How do I mortise the new door to install the new square cornerd flush bolt?

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    Default Re: square corner fluth bolt on interior door

    There are a couple of ways you could do it depending on the tools you have available to you. If you had a router you could make a jig as a guide and then use a straight bit and guide bushing to route out only the desired material. Then square up the corners with a chisel. This would be a little time consuming to make the jig however.

    The other method would be to use a forstner bit in a drill that is almost the width of the mortise you want to make. Drill a series of holes along the mortise (being sure to keep your drill straight) and then use a chisel to clean up the mortise and make it square. The drill bit takes out the bulk of the material to make the chiseling go a little easier. You want to be sure to have a good sharp chisel when doing this. Hope this helps you out.


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