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    Thumbs up Failed wax ring and smelly flooring

    How do I get rid of subfloor smell? Here are the details: This past Wen. after plungering the 2nd floor toilet, I noticed a bad smell like raw sewage. Didn't figure it out until Friday. Removed toilet and assumed bad wax ring seal since the bolts weren't too tight. The carpeting around the toilet base was wet and close to saturated in a small area. Ripped up the carpet and padding and discovered damp, smelly linolium underneath. Ripped up the linolium and the plywood subfloor was fairly dry (not rotten at all), but smells. Will airing it out get rid of the smell? Is there a way to clean and steralize the subfloor and get the smell out? Should I use the black mold solution here on the subfloor: Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Lightbulb Re: Failed wax ring and smelly flooring

    You might try coating the subfloor with plenty of bleach, letting it dry and sealing it. I've done some painting and worked on a house that had WAY too many cats. This was the only thing that we could think of. Your problem sounds a lot smaller.

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