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    A large sink hole has developed underneath our sidewalk. The house is located in Valentines, Virginia on Lake Gaston. It is a lake front lot so I don't know if there is an underground spring. The hole became larger following heavy rains from the recent hurricanes. It is now large enough for our grandbaby to fall in and get caught underneath the concrete sidewalk.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on determining the cause and then the solution to this problem. We do have restrictions on construction as Virginia Dominion Power controls the property below the high water mark. The sink hole is above the high water mark.

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    Try talking to a soil engineer. If you can't find one then try talking to your local cooperative extension although they might just refer you to the soil scientists at Virginia Tech.

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    Since VA has a lot of limestone and cavern systems, it wouldn't be unusual for sink holes to appear just about anywhere.

    I would agree for you to contact your local expert/engineer to see if this area is prone to such sinkholes, as you may fix the sidewalk just for it to sink again later a year from now.


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