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    Default replace/repair old bathtub plumbing

    My house was built in 1924. The bathtub has a Kohler 3 valve(?) faucet. One hot, one cold, and a tub drain valve. It appears that this item is no longer manufactured.

    Is it possible to successfully replace the stems so that it does not drip? My plumber did not want to replace the stems, but a plumbing supply store about 100 miles away said they would try to match the stems. It is my understanding that there is also a "seat" that is probably worn.

    My plumber says the hot/cold valves cannot be replaced with updated fixtures.

    If it makes any difference, the house has terrific copper plumbing. We have access from the back of the tub and would prefer not to damage the existing tile.

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    Your plumber just doesnt want to do the foot work. If your content with your old fixture try and match up your stems. Buy new stems and "extra" seats and rubber washers. You can also replace your 3 handle with a 2 handle or single handle. I sell a repair plate at my plumbing supply house for this specific reason. It is chrome and will make your new fixture stand out.

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