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    Default LG Mini Split Installation?

    I want to install a new LG minisplit Heat/cool unit for a new construction office. My question pertains to the lineset. The indoor unit says it can be mounted with 8" of clearance from the ceiling. The lineset is 50' long and I want to run the lineset up the wall about a foot and then over through the ceiling trusses horizontally for about 30', then down a wall about 10' to the outdoor unit on the other side of my attached garage. Does this sound reasonable? The installation diagram shows the lineset running down to the outdoor unit? Also, can I run the condensation tube separately from the lineset or does it have to be combined with the lineset?


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    Default Re: LG Mini Split Installation?

    You probably took care of your situation already, but we suggest you hire an LG certified installer to install the system. You will have less warranty issues later with LG and providing the contractor is competent you will not have to worry about these issues. They will explain the best soultion for your office.
    Also proper charging of mini split systems is very critical if you want to achieve the high SEER ratings posted and the unit to function properly. It is just not worth the investment for a homeowner to purchase all the specialized tools and to acquire the training to ensure a proper installation.
    Good luck!

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    Default Re: LG Mini Split Installation?

    I really liked this*information.
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