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    Default Deck floating foundations

    Could someone give me a review on the floating foundation for decks, such as advertised at I'm wondering if they are as structurally sound and safe in a northern (Indiana) climate where heaving and high water table are issues. Any reviews or suggestions would be helpful. THANKS

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    Default Re: Deck floating foundations

    Those blocks are fine for ground level decks but are not structurally sound for raised decks above 2 feet.
    Ideally and depending on your soil conditions, they should be placed on a tamped base of gravel instead of just placing on dirt.

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    Default Re: Deck floating foundations

    Howdy with the frost and local building codes to consider you would be better to dig down 48" and install a paper cement tube and a Simpson strong tie stud anchor plates for your decks posts. Thus installing piers under the posts below the frost line in the soil.
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