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    Smile Help My yard is a swamp

    I just purchased my home, and the back yard is always wet and muddy. It never seems to dry out. There are about 5 trees in the yard. We think if we remove some of the trees, and till the entire yard and replant grass this will help. The yard is level with the other yards on our block, there are no noticeable uneven areas in the yard. Also we removed a very old swing set, and once we removed a post there was deep hole with loads of water in it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help My yard is a swamp

    It sounds as though you have a high water table, which means that no amount of grass is going to change the saturated ground. What you will likely need to do is regrade the property so that water naturally drains to municipal systems. If you're higher than the street, then laying drain pipe from the backyard to the street will help facilitate the shedding of excess water.

    In regrading, you want the ground to slope away from the house in all directions and crest roughly along the centerline of the yard. This will help to shed the water to the sides where either grading or drain lines can carry the water forward to municipal systems.
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