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    Default Removing paint on old ceramic patio table

    I bought this wrought iron looking patio table set at garage sale. The paint started to chip and now it looks like two layers of paint and then white primer over a ceramic or porcelain or enamel in a cream color on this heavy metal patio table and chairs. I have tried to google this but nothing pulls up. How to remove the paint and primer without damaging the ceramic layer? The table has the diamond pattern with the wholes on top so lots of crevices to deal with. The pattern on the chairs are oak leaves on the back and and arm rests. Has anyone heard of wrought iron patio sets with ceramic coating and what is the best way to restore it?

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    Default Re: Removing paint on old ceramic patio table


    If your piece is truly ceramic or porcelain covered, traditional paint strippers will not hurt it. Porcelain is a glass powder which is electrostatically applied and then fired at very high temperatures. This is what is on bath tubs and stove range tops.

    More likely, the finish is a powder coat finish. Powder coating is where a powdered plastic is electrostatically applied and then baked at temperatures around 4oo degrees. There are two types of powder coating, one of which has an additive which makes it impossible for normal paints to adhere to it. This may be why the paint is coming off your furniture.

    Unfortunately, I know of no chemical stripper which will not also attack your poweder coat. There may be such a product, but I don't know of it. You might experiment with strippers on an inconspicuous spot.

    Several years ago, I had a classic metal table re-powder coated by a company in Elk Grove Village, Illnois. The company speciallized in re-finishing metal garden furniture. They sand blasted the old finish off first and then re-powder coated.It was not cheap, but possibly worth the expence if the furniture is of high quality. WWW.milinc.com

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