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Thread: Water Softener

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    I'm wondering how necessary it is to get a water softener? In the long run, is it worth the expense to prevent pipe damage? Our water hardness is fairly high - rated at 15. Our basement is finished and the closet in which the water heater is installed is very small, so in order to get a softener put in, we were told it needs to go into the adjoining office closet. We want to make certain it's worth the cost and effort. Thank you!

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    As a comparison, our hardness is 18-20 grains, and we went without a softener for 30 years with no appreciable problems for the pipes. The electric water heater built up deposits of hard water sediment to that it had to be replaced after 15 yrs, but that's about the life span of most water heaters anyway.

    So, if your main concern is for protecting the plumbing system, don't worry. But, of course, softener salemen can convince you that you need one--bad--and you need it right now. And they will arrange the financing painlessly.

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