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    Question 1/2 of Yard always wet and soggy

    What can I do to dry out the part of my yard that collects the runoff of ground waters from fields 1/2 mile away (that's what the neighbors claims it comes from). I thought of bringing in some top soil but I'm not sure that will help! Your advice is appreciated!


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    Unless your surrounding neighbors are experiencing similar problems, it is highly unlikely that you're getting run off from that distance affecting your yard.

    What is more probable is that your yard is lower than surrounding yards and/or neighbors have diverted run off from their properties to yours (illegal ). Most standing water problems can be handled simply by regrading the soil to slope away from the house in all directions and crowning the yard at roughly the centerline so that water sluffs to the sides, where you would then either use grading or install drain lines to carry the excess water out to municipal systems.

    Your problem could be exacerbated by a high water table, not uncommon during winter months. A drain system will definitely help to rid your yard of excess moisture.
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    Default Re: 1/2 of Yard always wet and soggy

    Cannot answer without an idea of the grades in the area. To venture a guess, a drain system or sump pump may be where you are headed.

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