I'm thinking of installing CFC recessed lighting in my basement ceiling to replace and add to some incandescent cans there now. My reason for CFC are:
1) To reduce the heat emanating from the lamps (low ceiling)
2) To allow for additional cans on the same circuit while staying under the maximuma wattage for the circuit and a dimmer

I'd be curious to hear any thoughts on this plan:
1) Are there downsides to CFC that i'm overlooking? (quality of light, suitability for recessed cans, etc.)
2) Am I correct that installing the CFC recessed lighting (even if I use 23W) will allow me to install a greater number of fixtures AND use a dimmer without running into any major issues? I'm looking to install between 8 and 12 fixtures in total.

The circuit is 10amps or 15amps (I can't recall at the moment) and is dedicated.

Thanks in advance,