I am heartbroken and not sure which way to go from here. My husband and I bought 5 acres and an old farmhouse a few years ago. We got it pretty cheap. We started to fix the inside of this one and a half story house and while discussing siding, we discovered a major issue with the house. It has a stone foundation and the corner stone had shifted. Upon further inspection, we discovered the main timbers (12x12) that the wall studs are notched into are rotting. This house was built late 1800s early 1900s and I just hate to see it tore down, but cannot see any other option. A concrete slab poured outside the main house is dated 1912 and that is where we got the time period from.

We got a mobile home and set it up next to the house, but I don't want to live in a trailer forever. We are a young couple and have time, so if it turns into a long term project with a little here and there we can handle it. What do you think? Salvage the materials I can and tear it down? Or try to fix it?