Hi, I am refinishing the oak wood floors in my kitchen but I'm not sure what tool I can use to reach those hard to reach places. For example, I am not able to or I am not going to remove the cabinets. Because of this, there is about a 4 in space where the cabinet over-hangs the floor. I cannot get your typical belt sander into those 4 inches. Does anyone have any other ideas about what I could do to sand those 4 inches under the cabinet? Also, I am not planning to stain the floors. I just want to polyeurothane once the sanding is complete so that I keep the original hue of the floors.

In addition, the floor adjacent to it has already been refinished and I used an oil based dark walnut stain and a glossy poleurothane. They look great. But I'm concerned that the two floors may look strange next to eachother since I'm not planning to stain the kitchen. I would want to put some kind of transition strip to adjoin the two rooms. Does anyone see a problem in doing that? I just want a different look in the kitchen, that is why I'm not staining it dark walnut.

Thanks for your feedback!