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    Question laying hardwood flooring in 2 rooms and a hall

    how do you start laying hard wood flooring in 2 rooms and a hall way when they all connect? how do you keep it straight if they walls out not square?

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    Default Re: laying hardwood flooring in 2 rooms and a hall

    I would suggest the major sight-line, which will be the hallway. Depending on the width of your flooring, either start at the center-line of the hall OR center the first strip of flooring in the hall. The choice will depend on how the flooring breaks on either side of the hall
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    Default Re: laying hardwood flooring in 2 rooms and a hall

    the doorways determine center and square in relation to each other and the hall. snap chalk lines continue square chalk lines for the whole install area. see how it works out with the lines, brush up and resnap new lines if your first set doesn't look right and use a different approach like the shared longest wall squared off then from there.

    you can scribe off to uneven walls but you can't hide floor not square against closed doors or closet doors and threshold or door ways. they have to be right, the rest is gravy especially in an old house.

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